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How alcohol affects driving

Many of the functions that we depend on to drive safely are affected when we drink alcohol:

  • The brain takes longer to receive messages from the eye

  • Processing information becomes more difficult

  • Instructions to the body’s muscles are delayed resulting in slower reaction times.

You can also experience blurred and double vision while you are driving and you’re more likely to take potentially dangerous risks.

6/20 people tested the next morning after drinking were over the limit last Christmas in the UK.

What’s the punishment if I get caught drink driving?

Drivers can face a number of penalties depending on the seriousness of their offence. Anyone caught over the legal alcohol limit when driving will be banned from driving for at least 12 months, and fined up to £5,000. You can also be given between three to 11 penalty driving points. And you could be sent to prison for up to six months. Imprisonment, the period of disqualification, size of fine and penalty points depend on the seriousness of the offence.

How can you know what you have in your system after you've been drinking?

Breathalyzers by AlcoSense, the morning after solution

If you drank 4 pints or 4 large glasses of wine during in an evening it could take as long as 13 hours for the alcohol to leave your system. If you stopped drinking at midnight you still have alcohol in your system at noon the following day. You can’t tell when the alcohol’s cleared, but our breath testers can.

Who should own a breathaliser?


Stay informed of your alcohol content and make smarter decisions while drinking.


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Treatment Centers

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You would never drink and drive on a night out. So why would you do it the next day?


You owe it to yourself and your future to invest in a tool that will keep you right next time you go to drive. it may even save your life or someone you care about. 

The  bottom line is never to ever drink and drive… 

But with any of our breath testers you can make sure you are in control and remove the guess work.

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Do not let hangovers spoil the fun of enjoying a few drinks over the weekend, nor give the authorities an opportunity to get to you on a charge of drunk driving! Knowing and understanding your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) . Our company sell only 4 types of tester to keep it simple, we are based in the UK and have a wide range of modern breathalysers  to choose from, you can find a perfectly calibrated, easily portable, breath test analyser which matches your needs, at an affordable price.

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  • Thought I'd try this just out of interest. The reviews were very favourable. I've used it a few times to experiment with it, and although I appreciate it probably isn't totally accurate it did give the sort of readings I would expect. E.g: Glass of wine gave a reading but ok to drive. Test immediately after a drink of wine - High reading as expected but dropped after 20 or so minutes. It even registered mouthwash in the morning but again reduced back to zero after 20 minutes. I really do like it and reccomend grabbing one.
  • Fantastic product!